Just got back yesterday from our first visit to Maramaris - fantastic place for a family holiday! The genuine friendliness of the local people is a delight, and you will be amazed at how much the Turks know of your country, city and even locality. Marmaris can be as laid back or as action packed as you choose. Forget Ibiza, the Canaries, hotel-bound resorts like Cancun, Jamaica, etc. Until you have sat on the prow of a Marmaris cruise boat heading into the setting sun, with whales breaching a couple of hundred metres away; dived from the top deck into 20 metres of crystal clear water under the cliffs of Dolphin Island; fed fish while sitting on the sea bed; cruised past 2400 year old tombs in a river boat; you have not lived. All that for less than £100 for a family of 4!
Advice to visitors:
The excursions are a must - you can do everything from scuba to jeep safaris. Don't forget to bargain at the booking offices, you can half the price for multiple bookings. Our many thanks to 'Nostradamus' tour office, especially Evrim! The food is of a high standard, and so cheap to eat out that you do not have to cook - breakfast for a pound! Don't bother to take a full suitcase - everything you need can be bought at unbelievable prices, including the suitcase! Take British £5 and £10 notes. The local traders are happy to accept them and you can get more for your money than with Turkish Lira. Also, as in any country, beware of the high commission on exchange - better with a debit or credit card to withdraw directly from a cash dispenser, there are plenty of them, and you will get the current exchange rate.
If you only ever go one holiday, go to Marmaris!