Hello tourist information in Marmaris
I visited your nice town in september.  I would like to get the email adress or the adress of the bar in the "harbourstreet" where they played the blues I think it was called the blues bar or something like that. there was a very good blues (and versalite) band playing there and I had the honor of being allowed to play with them on guitar and even sing.  Actually I would like to get in contact with this group or the guitarmen/singer and thank him for this occation .For me it was one of  the hihhlights of the trip.  It was prob . around  23.of sept i think midweek but those things I can check better our if neccessary. We came from Iceland and rent a yact (pula) and sailed from bodrum started the 16.9 and ended in kojazk(?) the 28. coming to you an the way. for me it was the greatest holiday ive ever had.