My nana + grandad have been to marmaris 9 times! They know all the lads there + stay in the same hotel everytime it's called the intermar! This time they went they took me + i had the BEST time in the whole world! I know why everyone loves it :) I got to meet all the lads my nana + grandad knew + did alot of things! The weather was gorgeous, the lads were lovely and the night life was brilliant! I'm going back in september :) + i'm really looking forward to it!! I am probally going to live there when i'm older! Hope everyone has a GREAT time if they go, it was the best holiday yet for me! Hope to see all the people we met soon BYE!  vicky xxx
Just to say hello to....  Billy, jan, ali + aziz at the British corner!  
Carlos + everyone at the Pem apartments!  Jano, Ismac,Nesim, artilla, bestie, micheal + i can't forget kevin :) at the Dream boys + all the rest there!  The lads at the Majestic boys!  Simon, Crocodile + the others at the Green hotel!  Every one at susan's kitchen!  The lads at the Villa Sol ! And all the others that we know Hope to see you's soon BYE