For the sixth time in Turkey and the second time in Marmaris. We really love to go to Turkey.
But we have a warning for everyone going to Marmaris and want to take a taxi to go anywhere.
We were at Marmaris from the 3th till the 10th of october and went to a local cafe (they have the best cappuccino in town- Cafe Karen) everynight by taxi.
Many times the taxidriver didn't put on the meter and when we asked about it they got mad.
We also discovered that they all have different prices for the same distance. Sometimes we had to pay 3 million, the next time 4 million and sometimes even 5 million Turkish Liras.
Last year we went to Bodrum and we never had that problem.
It is just a little warning and i hope someone can give me an emailadress from the local authorities to send them a complaint, because we know the local government can do something about it.