17 C    -  62.6 F
13 C -  55.4 F
Occasional Light Rain
Rain to clear
TURKISH CENTRAL BANK RATES USD : 3.7823 TL. EUR : 4.6729 TL. GBP : 5.2951 TL.
Sea Water Temprature 18 C - 64.4 F






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About Turkey



The jurisprudential order of the Turkish Republic is obtained by the processes of law and execution (rules and regulations, statutes and written decrees), primarily by constitution. Also the administration had assisted to obtain this order by organizer processes (general announcements, notices and budget application directives). The organizer processes of the execution and administration could be at general status including all of the organizations of the state or could be relevant with the specific subjects, organizations, local administrations and autonomous associations.

The basic gain of the Republic Period is the adoptation of the secular jurisprudential order together with the principle of secularity. At the first years following the foundation of the Republic, as the recreation of an appropriate jurisprudential system would take long, the usage of the western sources with modifications required by the conditions of the country was approved. In this scope, the Law of Marriage and Law of Debts was arranged and put in force according to the Switzerland Law of Marriage, The Jurisprudent Courts Procedure Law was arranged and put in force according to the Switzerland Neuchatel Procedure Law, The Law of Penalty was arranged and put in force according to the Italian Law of Penalty, The Penalty Judgement Procedure Law was arranged and put in force according to the German Penalty Judgement Procedure Law, The Law of Commerce was arranged and put in force according to the laws of Germany, Britain, Japan and even Brazil. The verdicts of the laws, which do not suit the necessary conditions of the period, are changed in time. The Supreme Court of Constitution plays an active role at the annulment decisions in cleaning some rules, which oppose the rules, especially the ones opposing the equality of man and woman.

Either Law of Marriage had Law of Commerce preserved the liberal spirit of the arrangement period until nowadays. The freedom of agreement principle is dominant in both laws.

The universal principles of the Punishment Law are stated both in the constitution and the Law of Punishment. No individual could be punished for an action, which is not accepted crime, by the law in force; and the punishment judge could not decide verdicts with comparison. If the current law in force is different from the law in the period, which the crime is committed, the beneficial law is applied. Until the guiltiness becomes totally definite, no individual could be accepted to be guilty. No individual could be charged to more severe punishments from the stated punishment for that crime in the law. The responsibility of the punishment is personal. The individual freedom could only be limited by law. The judge decides for arresting and the period. The arresting without the decision of the judge could only be in the in-the-act situations or in the situations in which postponing the action could cause a drawback. The reason of arrest is notified to the arrested or caught individuals and their relatives are informed. These individuals are taken faced with judge in maximum period for 48 hours if the crime is relevant with the scope of Government Security Courts and maximum 24 hours for other crimes, maximum 15 days when the crimes concerning the mass crimes. No individual could be imprisoned without the decision of the judge. These periods could be extended in the conditions of extraordinary state, martial law and war.

Every individual had the right to claim and defend as plaintiff or defendant at the courts. This is a right determined by the constitution and is a major principle of the jurisprudential state. No individual could be faced with a competent authority other than his legally bounded court. The judgement authority is granted only to independent judges. The judges and attorney generals are commissioned as legal and administrative judgement. The judges can not be forced to retirement without their will until the age of 65 principally.

The legal Judgement is two ranked. The juridical cases are executed by the peace and fundamental courts as the first rank court except for specially charged courses. The specially charged courts are the severe punishment, business, children, traffic, cadastral, Commerce and Government Security Courts. The competent authority for appeal the legal cases is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is composed of punishment and jurisprudence departments. Also there are general rules of punishment and jurisprudence. There are no intermediate courts in Turkey.

The constitution had suggested military judgement for the military personnel. The cases are executed at the Military courts and the competent authority for appeal is the Military Supreme Court.

The Administrative Activities of the Government

It is stated in the constitution that the path of judgement is clear for any actions and processes of the administration as a necessary principle of the jurisprudent state. However the solitary processes of the President, the decisions of the Supreme Military Assembly and the decisions of the Judges and Attorney Generals Supreme Committee are excluded out of the judgement supervision.

The cases against the action and processes of the administration are executed at the administrative judgement. The administrative judgement is also two ranked. The administrative, regional administrative and the tax courts were founded in accordance with the issued laws, which depend on the new arrangements stated in the 1982 constitution. The administrative and the tax courts are first rank courts while the regional administrative courts are high ranked courts in some cases. The cases against the managerial actions and processes are executed by the first and last rank courts.

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