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Marmaris Atlantis Water Park
18 C    -  64.4 F
10 C -  50 F
Marmaris Weather
Marmaris Weather
Clear to cloudy
Partly Cloudy
TURKISH CENTRAL BANK RATES USD : 3.7941 TL. EUR : 4.6681 TL. GBP : 5.3069 TL.
Sea Water Temprature 18 C - 64.4 F

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Starting from 1963, the basic aims of the five year planned periods were determined as " high growth rates" and " structural alterations in the aspects of industrialization"
The adopted industrialization strategies and the applied financial policies display major alterations in the periods before and after 1980. The applied policies during and after 24 January 1980 Economic Stability Program had variations when compared to the preceding stability programs executed in every 8 - 10 years and this program reflects more fundamental alterations in the economic and industrialization policies. Therefore, radical variations were applied to the cash, finance, foreign trade and exchange rate policies and instead of " import installation oriented - devoted to local market" industrialization, a transformation in the direction of " based on export - devoted to foreign markets" industrialization had been initiated and executed.

After the period following 1980, the support of the industrial sector had been concentrated in the level of production and the foreign capital incitements were increased. This structural alteration in the industry sector had been tried to be applied by increasing the intermediate and investment production at the production industry. Highway vehicles, non - electronic machinery and metal property production are among the first lines of investment properties and in the production of intermediate products, the major share was taken by petroleum and iron - steel products. And in addition, the importation of the intermediate and investment products were greatly facilitated. Therefore, the usage of new technologies and modern marketing methods required by the industry spread inside the country.

Especially after the second half of the 1980s, the governments had planned and executed the "construct - manage - transfer" model, in order to accelerate the infrastructure investments at industry sector and to cover the resource requirements in more convenient conditions. When capital market is taken into account, the necessary pre - conditions to divert small possessions to industry were arranged precedencely and the Capital Marketing Committee was founded by a law issued in 1981. Parallel to these precautions, the banking services were modernized and in order to accelerate the international operations necessary legal arrangements were realized. Great importance was paid to improve transportation and communication services which are counted as prerequisites of industrialization policy.

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